Method of treatment

During a treatment you simply lie on the treatment table wearing your clothes.
You do not need to bring anything else.

First treatment

In order to direct the frequencies/the body properly, the head chakras (energy points in the head) will have to be in equilibrium before the energy flow through the body can function well. The chakras can shift position due to all kinds of things that have a big impact and affect us strongly, as well as through tension and stress. They can be discoloured, damaged, be too open or close down. During the first treatment the chakras are first checked and rebalanced.

Second treatment

In the second treatment it is checked whether the body has been capable of maintaining the balance. If it has not, this balance will be restored and if necessary the chakras (energy points) are “fixed” temporarily, in order to teach the body, to let it feel, how it should be. Once the body has assimilated the chakras properly again, they are “unfixed” again and the body will hold them in the right place. When the chakras are maintained at their proper place , the body will often be capable again of solving certain disorders and pain and complaints may become less severe or even disappear.
During the second treatment the energy is directed and focused to deal with any specific complaints.

Follow-up treatments

Follow-up treatments have different durations and methods of treatment, with an average duration between 30 and 40 minutes. This depends on the complaint and on the pace at which the body is capable of regaining its balance and recovery process. That will be different per individual, because every person/body reacts differently to the treatments.

More information?

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